PPMDurango Property Caretaking


Durango Property Caretaking and/or House sitting – “Like a trusted Neighbor…”

PPM Durango started serving clients in second home care-taking in 2012.  A second home is a personal joy that can be fulfilled only if that your home is cared for during vacancy.  Your home deteriorates fast without care. The outdoor elements are its enemy and indoor non-use are its enemy. Known vacant home are an attraction to unscrupulous HUMAN elements. PPM Durango has the experience and skills to give you the confidence that your second home is secured, undisturbed, and ready for you and your family to enjoy. There is nothing worse than settling in for a relaxing vacation and discovering rodents, leaks, and sneaks already had a prior reservation. 

PPM Durango provides the following house care taking and house sitting services in your absence:

      • Run water and check for leaks
      • Exterior Property Inspection
      • Confirm doors and windows are locked
      • Take care of special needs identified by client
      • Secure deliveries
      • Oversee contractor work
      • Prepare house for your arrival
      • Someone to call in case of a home emergency
      • Referred source for local contractors

For owners of second homes in the Durango area who want piece of mind.

      • Property is secure
      • Mechanicals work and pipes have not frozen
      • Rodents and insect have not overtaken the home
      • Deliveries can be made
      • Repairs and maintenance can be done in your absence